Pre-Planning offers great peace of mind, as it means that a family have less difficult decisions to make during a deeply emotional time in their lives. There are a number of pre-planned services available. This enables somebody to be very clear about the specific type of funeral they would like or just to have the peace of mind that the fundamental decisions are covered, leaving the final decisions to family members at the time.

Leaving Funeral Instructions

To simply leave funeral instructions. We suggest you make an appointment with ourselves at Griffin’s or we can call to you. All options, be it religious or non-religious, burial or cremation and the finer details can be discussed and noted. These arrangements can be altered at any time as people’s wishes can sometimes change.

Choosing Burial/Cremation


Burial remains the most popular option locally. When one chooses to be buried a few factors must be considered;

  • Is there an existing family grave?
  • Is there space in the grave for further burials?
  • If not, does a new grave need to be purchased?


Cremation is an ever growing option for people in Ireland. Cremated ashes can be buried, scattered or memorialised at home. In cases where a persons wish is to be buried with their family but there is no space in the family grave, one can be cremated first and buried with their family at a later date. This also greatly reduces the cost of purchasing a new grave.

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