Funeral Services

The following is a brief list of the funeral services supplied at Griffin's.

  • - The organisation of burial and cremation services.
  • - Announcements on radios, national & local newspapers and
  • - Preparation of the deceased for viewing. (see Embalming section)
  • - Grave locating or purchasing & opening.
  • - Graveside dressing and the use of public address (pa) systems.
  • - Supply of limousines, buses & specialist wheelchair vehicles.
  • - Arranging Organists, soloists, pipers, harpists, and other musicians.
  • - Supply of fresh & artificial flower arrangements. (see Flowers section)
  • - Supply of coffins or caskets. (see Coffins & Caskets section)
  • - Condolence books, photograph enhancement & framing.
  • - Organisation and payment of clergy and other funeral related gratuities.
  • - Supply of temporary grave markers with colour photographs.
  • - Organisation of home security while the funeral is taking place.
  • - Catering in hotels, restaurants, bars or your own home.
  • - All Repatriation services. (see Repatriation section)
  • - Headstone & monumental works

Although we provide the majority these services ourselves in-house, if this is not possible, our years of experience have given us the ability to identify the local service providers who excel in their field. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on any of our listed services.

Pre-Planned Funerals

If you would like to leave definite instructions in relation to your own funeral arrangements, please see the Pre-Planned Funerals Page